Use Policy - for EN

If you use UNDERVEIL tracks in your work,
to avoid any unnecessary trouble,
please observe the following rules:

* Only non-commercial use is permitted.
* Please follow UNDERTALE Official Policy on Fan Merch.
* Please credit tracks appropriately,
including the arranger name, song title and site URL.
* If issues occur with regard to your use or reprinting/reposting,
please follow our additional instructions.

* With those three points in mind,
please feel free to use our music
for your UNDERTALE videos and other content.
* We would appreciate your respect towards our arrangers
(and, of course, towards UNDERTALE and Toby Fox).

We wish to get along well with everyone. Thanks!

Use Policy - for JP



・アレンジャー、そしてもちろん、UNDERTALE、Toby Fox氏への敬意を忘れないで下さい。


(Last Updated: 11/22/2017)